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Services and Classes For Messianic Judaism In Spokane Valley, WA

Join others who share your beliefs by attending Shabbat along with other services and classes at KHM. Depending on the activities for the day, you can also find an opportunity to pray with others or simply enjoy a casual time together.

Our doors are open to visitors who would like to learn more about Messianic Judaism in Spokane Valley, WA.

Fundamentals of the Faith

Many people frequently ask us for information on the fundamentals of Messianic Judaism. We respond by directing them to either attend seasonal classes offered at the synagogue such as Messianic Judaism 101, or new members classes and books such as Return of the Remnant, by Rabbi Michael Schiffman.

While these resources are invaluable in understanding the history and theology of the Messianic Jewish Movement - specifically in the manner that we as a shul understand and practice it - we would also like to suggest you read a publication by the UMJC titled, Introducing Messianic Judaism and the UMJC. This material, produced by our fellow rabbis and leaders in one of the most significant modern movement-organizations, is a great primer on understanding the history, practice, theology, and vision of what Hashem is doing today in Messianic Judaism.

It also identifies some of the errant and problematic teachings and practices that have crept into Messianic organizations and congregations. However, there is no better way to get those important questions answered than by asking someone who is a mature and seasoned participant in Messianic Judaism.

We invite you to come and get those much-needed answers to the questions that you have. Messianic Judaism has not been formed in a vacuum, disconnected from cultural and historical, both Biblical and traditional practices in Judaism. If you cannot make it into the shul now, download a copy of the publication by the UMJC. May Hashem guide you and bless you in understanding this incredible work He is doing among His people. Shalom.

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Passover 2020

For the first time in 25+ years of conducting our community Passover seders in the Inland Northwest, we will not be having a seder this year (5780; 2020). Due to both the concern we have for putting any person at a health risk and in order to comply with current Washington state regulations, we will be celebrating our seders at the homes of our families. This means that Hashem is going to bless home seders more and more so that our testimonies will be a powerful witness of Yeshua among our people. It's good to know that G-d doesn't cancel Passover. So, we pray that everyone will have a most joyful and rich Passover this year, especially in light of the difficulties that many have experienced throughout the world. Make it be a central part of your seder to pray for the freedom of ALL peoples in order to be released from this 'enemy' virus and be sure to light your holiday candles as an example of Yeshua's light among our people Israel. Chag Pesach Sameach!